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The Five Degree Options

  • Honours BA in English: This four-year program includes a full complement of English courses (usually 18 units a year), but leaves you ample room for electives or a minor. Honours students take 4 Level IV seminars (9 units) in their final year.
  • Combined Honours BA in English and Another Subject: Honours English can be combined with most Humanities and Social Sciences programs. Such combinations as English and History and English and French are popular, but students have also fruitfully combined English and Gerontology, English and Women’s Studies, and English and Computer Science. As a rule, you will take 9 units of each subject each year. Combined Honours students take 2 Level IV seminars (6 units) in their final year.
  • Combined Honours BA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory and Another Subject: This new four-year program examines a wide range of cultural forms, including those that have been typically overlooked in universities (e.g. television, popular film and fiction, and practices of everyday life) while paying attention to a number of theoretical issues (e.g. gender, sexuality, race, class, subjectivity, ideology, representation). CSCT can be combined with other disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. You will normally take 12 units of CSCT and 12 units of the other subject each year. Combined Honours students take 2 level IV seminars (6 units) in their final year.
  • BA in English: A three-year degree, the BA has lower entrance requirements than have the Honours programs. Students in this program usually take 12 to 18 units of English a year. Although admission cannot be guaranteed, BA students who do well in Levels II or III may apply to enter the Honours program.
  • Minor in English: Any student who has 24 units of English, with no more than 6 units at level one, at the end of a four-year program may claim a Minor in English. Units toward a Minor are usually accumulated by taking those English courses designated as electives. Students in other programs who have taken 6 units of Level 1 English and wish to take English area courses may, however, apply to the departmental counselor for permission.