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The Four Degree Options

  • Honours BA in English & Cultural Studies: This four-year program includes a full complement of English and Cultural Studies courses (usually 18 units a year), but leaves you ample room for electives or a minor. Honours students take 4 Level IV seminars (9 units) in their final year.
  • Combined Honours BA in English & Cultural Studies and Another Subject: Honours English & Cultural Studies can be combined with most Humanities and Social Sciences programs. Combinations such as English & Cultural Studies and History and English & Cultural Studies and French are popular, but students have also fruitfully combined with programs such as Gerontology, Women’s Studies, and Computer Science. As a rule, you will take 9 units of each subject each year. Combined Honours students take 2 Level IV seminars (6 units) in their final year.
  • BA in English & Cultural Studies: A three-year degree, the BA has lower entrance requirements than the Honours programs. Students in this program usually take 12 to 18 units of English and Cultural Studies courses a year. Although admission cannot be guaranteed, BA students who do well in Levels II or III may apply to enter the Honours program.
  • Minor in English & Cultural Studies: Any student who has 24 units of English and Cultural Studies, with no more than 6 units at level one, at the end of a four-year program may claim a Minor in English & Cultural Studies. Most of our Level II and III courses are open to students from any program so there are a variety of courses to choose from (please check the Undergraduate Calendar for each course’s specific prerequisites).

Please note our Combined Honours BA program in Cultural Studies & Critical Theory (CSCT) and Another Subject has been phased out and no new registrants are being accepted. However, many of our Cultural Studies courses are still available under the English & Cultural Studies degree options above.

If you are currently enrolled in the CSCT program, please refer to your advisement report and/or contact an Academic Advisor in the Humanities Academic Advising Office for your program requirements.