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Roger Hyman, Pd.D.

Associate Professor of English

Phone: 905-525-9140 x.23732
Office: Chester New Hall 302

Areas of Interest

English-Canadian fiction; genres; the novel


Roger Hyman teaches Canadian literature. His special interests are in Holocaust fiction and the analysis of various forms of power relationships in fiction and journals. He has written on the radical politics and their social implications in Irene Baird’s Waste Heritage, several articles on the critical response to, and the social assumptions in, the work of Hugh MacLennan, and on representations of gender and the Eurocentric-Aboriginal dialectic in Jacques Poulin’s Volkswagen Blues. He has lectured extensively on Canadian Holocaust fiction, and on the constructions of power and powerlessness in the Canadian novel. His book on A.M. Klein, Aught from Naught: A.M. Klein’s “The Second Scroll” was published in 1999. He is presently working on an analysis of Canadian Holocaust fiction. His graduate seminars have discussed issues of power and marginalization generally, the absolutes of those polarities as constructed in Holocaust fiction, and the aesthetic issues in the writing and reading of such fiction. He also teaches a fourth year seminar on the Canadian Holocaust novel.





Aught from Naught: A. M. Klein’s The Second Scroll. Victoria: English Literary Studies (University of Victoria Press), 1999.







Refereed Journal Articles:

“No Prose After Auschwitz Fugitives of the Forest.” Catholic New Times. Mar 17 2002: 13. Co-author Levine, Allan, and Roger Hyman.

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