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Cathy Grisé, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies

Phone: 905 525 9140 ext. 23510
Office: Chester New Hall, Room 325

Areas of Interest

Gender, religion, literary production and reception, Middle English literature and culture, science fiction, women’s writings


Cathy Grisé’s research interests include gender; religion; reading, textual production and reception; space, place, and community; and material culture. Her area of study is devotional literature in late-medieval England and involves the examination of primary documents such as manuscripts and early printed books. Her dissertation and postdoctoral research focussed on women’s Middle English religious literature. She is currently working on a case study of continental European female visionaries and their texts in late-medieval England which looks at the broader influence of the continental female mystical tradition in late-medieval England. Publications include articles in Medium Aevum, Florilegium and The Journal of the Early Book Society, and book chapters in the Medieval Mystical Tradition in England VI and VII and the Medieval Translator 8, 10, and 14.

Dr. Grisé’s teaching interests include Middle English literature and culture, the history of women’s literature (from the Middle Ages to today), women’s religious writings, science fiction (esp. feminist sci-fi and fantasy), and early modern literature. She is/has been involved in diverse graduate student projects, from supervising theses on medieval female mystics and women writers, literature for religious women in medieval England, and medieval and modern representations of biblical women, to being a reader for studies of medieval romance, early modern knowledge-formation and subjectivity, Victorian religious women’s writings, and modern films and plays. Dr. Grisé’s previous graduate seminars have included “Women and the Book in the Middle Ages” and “Visionary Women.”





Devotional Literature and Practice in Medieval England Readers, Reading, and ReceptionDisputatio 29. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2016. Co-editors C. A. Grisé, K. Vulic, and S. Uselmann

Contributions to the collection:
Lectio divina and Scriptural Reading in Syon’s Vernacular Printed Books,” pp. 137-58
“Afterword: Adaptation, Negotiation, and Transformation,” pp. 267-82.




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