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FALL 2019:

  • English/CSCT 706Fugitive Lives: Documentary Form, Archival Work, and the Demands of the Past
  • English 714Medieval Romance
  • CSCT 732Foundations in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
  • English/CSCT 734Appropriation and Canadian Literature: History, Theory, Controversies
  • English/CSCT 749Getting and Spending: The Birth of Consumer Culture 
  • English 758Literature as Witness
  • English/CSCT 762Queer Historicisms and British Cultural Memory
  • English/CSCT/GLOB 773“Revolt and Remember”: Resilience in the Postcolonial Environmental Humanities 

WINTER 2019:

  • CULTRST 733 – Problems in Cultural Studies
  • English 737 – Speaking Picture: Emblems, Metaphor and Language in Early Modern Writing
  • English/CSCT 743 – Reimagining Nature: Science and Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century
  • English/CSCT 757Gender, Civility, and Courtliness in Early Modern Europe
  • English/CSCT 769 – Science Fiction: Mind Worlds and the Boundaries of the Human
  • English/CSCT/GLOB 773 – “Revolt and Remember”: Resilience in the Postcolonial Environmental Humanities 
  • English/CSCT 785 – Migratory Routes: Indian Diasporic Fiction and Film
  • English/CSCT 791Rethinking Politics: Thinking Past War, Democracy, and Terror