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Dr. Melinda J. Gough’s recent book Dancing Queen: Marie de Médicis’ Ballets at the Court of Henri IV (University of Toronto Press, 2019) has won the 2020 Bevington Award for best new book in early drama studies from the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society Awards. 

The judges comment: “In Dancing Queen: Marie de Médicis’ Ballets at the Court of Henri IV, Melinda J. Gough has given us a definitive, in-depth exploration of the dramatic interplay of politics, gender, religion, music, dance, and ceremony at the balls of Marie de Medicis. Bringing together new archival discoveries with multiple theoretical perspectives, Gough is adept at moving from one historical lens to another. The book examines both understudied areas of the ballets’ performance (dance, costume, gesture, staging) as well as women’s history. The author demonstrates an amazing command of sources in a wide variety of formats to make an important claim about a significant and influential historical figure. Each chapter builds on the former, leading the reader down a cumulative, revelatory path into the interpretive goldmine of Marie’s ballets. The MRDS awards committee is delighted to present the 2020 David Bevington Prize to Melinda J. Gough.”

Congratulations to Dr. Gough on this wonderful, well-deserved honour!