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Join us in offering a huge congratulations to PhD Candidate Emma McKenna on the publication of her first collection of poetry, Chenille or Silk. Published by Caitlin press, this startling first collection of confessional poetry examines the slippery relations of desire, class, embodiment and trauma. Emma McKenna’s writing traverses the bounds and the wounds of a family marked by poverty and intergenerational trauma. The collection asserts the primacy of intimacy and sexuality to subjectivity, as the poems move through the struggle to find identity, love and belonging in an urban queer community’s ever-shifting economy of desire. Striking, brave and at times uncomfortable, Chenille or Silk captures the ambivalence—and the hope—of possibility.


“I love Emma McKenna’s Chenille or Silk—these poems are tough and tender and perfect.”
— Zoe Whittall, author of The Best Kind of People

For more information about Chenille or Silk, visit Caitlin Press!