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The Centre for Community Engaged Narrative Arts, headed up by ECS professors Lorraine York and Daniel Coleman, is hosting its latest Long Table event on Wednesday February 6th. The event, titled Placing Attention, asks: What are the habits, histories and narratives by which we place our attention? How, in turn, does the world around us emplace and shape our attention in subtle and crucial ways?

Featuring artist Calla Churchward, poet Darrell Epp, and a broadsheet by Matt McInnes and Simon Orpana, Placing Attention is the first in a themed series of Long Tables on the ways art both helps shape, and is shaped by, our sense of place.

Please come join in the discussion!


Event: Long Table—Placing Attention

Date: 6 February 2019

Time: 3-5 PM

Location: Room 206, McMaster CCE, 1 James St N


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