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The Centre for Community-Engaged Narrative Arts (CCENA) this week at their first Long Table of 2018-2019! This Long Table will be a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Hamilton Arts & Letters. There will be music, poetry, and refreshments.

Event: Long Table—The 10th Anniversary of Hamilton Arts & Letters

Date: 18 October 2018

Time: 3-5 PM

Location: Room 212, McMaster CCE, 1 James St N

Details: This Long Table, organized by HAL editors Paul Lisson, Fiona Kinsella, and Shane Nielson, involves artists and poets with disability or who engage in a significant way with the topic of disability as a result of caring, loving, and living with persons with disability. The Long Table kicks off with Music Professor Dusty Micale and the ArtPop music ensemble.


Following the Long Table, Paul and Fiona invite all attendees to a viewing of Der Himmel über Hammer ist blau (The sky above is blue hammer), an exhibition by Paul and Fiona. Location: b contemporary gallery, 226 James St North (a short distance from CCE).

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