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We Stand Together For Equity

In response to the campus incident on Nov. 21

Time: 3:30pm, Wed., Dec. 7, 2016
Location: the area (near the big tree) between KTH, CNH, and MUSC
All are welcome!

Background: Since Trump’s electoral victory, incidents of hatred in the US and Canada, including in Hamilton, have increased. On November 21, posters linked to white supremacy appeared at the McMaster University Student Centre ( This is a pivotal moment for teaching and learning about equity, ethics, and social justice in our own university community. As a School of Social Work, we wish to join a conversation about how to respond to the posters and the ideology behind them.

Goals: To name and to learn from the incident; to collectively make a public response; and, to affirm our commitment to equity – as one step in an ongoing process, undertaken in collaboration with others organizing for change and justice within the university and in Hamilton.

Actions: We invite you to bring a simple poster with a message: with, for example, words about how you are feeling on the campus these days; what question you’d want to ask of or what you’d like to say to the creators of the posters; what you want to say to the people around you in the campus community; how we can better pursue equity on campus and beyond. We encourage thoughtful, creative, ethical, constructive engagement/ messages.

When we gather, people can move around the circle, talk if you wish with others about your messages and experiences, and invite passers-by to participate. You are welcome to come without a poster to support the event.
We have invited a photographer to capture the messages and the event (she will only take your photo if you are OK with it). After the end of the event, our thoughts and messages may remain alive online through social media to generate and inspire further reflections on our collective pursuit of social justice.