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The Archive & Everyday Life Idea Gallery, Ontario Science Centre


This exhibition stems from student work produced over five years during a graduate course in cultural studies called The Archive and Everyday Life at McMaster University.

Students were asked to make an archive using objects and experiences in their everyday lives and then to critically reflect on the process – an activity that resonates with scientific practices of collection and classification in an unexpected way. Their works are experiments that expose aspects of everyday life not normally noticed or acknowledged. They also exploit and question the power of the traditional archive to register and preserve traces of history.

Inspired by the spaces of McMaster University, the McMaster Museum of Art and the ever-changing City of Hamilton, Ontario, this exhibition embraces art, theory and the everyday to convey new ways of being and perceiving.


Mary O’Connor, Professor of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University
Simon Orpana, PhD, McMaster University
Benjamin P.F. Prus, PhD Candidate, McMaster University

Contributing Artists

Adrienne Batke, Laura Buzzard, Stephanie Cheung, Amanda Delorey, Jeffrey Douglas, Gregory Fenton, Christien Garcia, Ailsa Kay, Jacob Keszei, Mark MacKichan, Geoff Martin, Lisa Molnar, Devon Mordell, Mary O’Connor, Simon Orpana, B.P.F. Prus, Jessie Travis, Jean-Thomas Tremblay