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Undergraduate Studies in Cultural Studies & Critical Theory

In recent years, Departments of English around the world have seen an explosion of interest in cultural studies and critical theory. These areas of research offer a different approach to literary studies and have raised a host of new questions.

Without limiting itself to traditional texts, cultural studies examines the conditions of cultural and social life through an analysis of a wide range of cultural and social practices, inquiring into areas such as gender, sexuality and the body, race and ethnicity, mass culture and visual culture. Critical theory emphasizes the development of self-critical, self-reflexive interpretive strategies. Most importantly, both cultural studies and critical theory challenge accepted theories and critical practices in order to open up new ways of thinking and being.

McMaster’s new program in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory (one of the only programs of its kind in Canada) allows students to focus on these exciting interdisciplinary fields. Offered as a 4-year combined honours B.A., Cultural Studies and Critical Theory must be taken with another subject selected from the Faculties of Humanities or Social Sciences.

If you like the sound of courses such as Critical Race Studies, Reading Film, Postcolonial Cultures, Contemporary Youth Culture, and the “Oprah Effect,” consider making this dynamic interdisciplinary program part of your university future.

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