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This conference, co-organized by ECS’s Shane Neilson and hosted by the Canadian Association for Health Humanities, is to be held April 12-13 2019 at McMaster. It asks: How can humanities-based methodologies assist health professional learners and practitioners to develop cultural humility?

Driven by The British Columbia First Nations Health Authority’s reminder that “cultural humility involves humbly acknowledging oneself as a learner when it comes to understanding another’s experience,” the conference reflects on how commitment to active engagement, reflective practice, and lifelong learning has the potential to redefine the outcomes of culturally-focused physician training, rebalance the power dynamics between physicians and patients, and to influence the quality of healthcare provided to a variety of communities, including Indigenous peoples, new Canadians and refugees, and those from a variety of diaspora.

The organizers invite papers and panel presentations that address the following topics:

Cultural humility in Canadian and international medical/allied health practice with regards to racial, sexual, gender, religious, and disability identities.

Health humanities methods to inculcate the process of cultural humility (i.e., narrative, improvisational theatre, music, art, digital engagement, etc.)

The suitability of the humanities for meeting the special challenges that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission presents for practicing with cultural humility with respect to Indigenous populations.

Special challenges for cultural humility with respect to immigrant and refugee populations.

Cultural humility within normative culture.

How can a scholarly humanities approach inform, assist, and radically transform contemporary Canadian health humanities pedagogy?

The suitability of humanities-based methodologies for transitioning practitioners from outcome-based thinking to process-based thinking.


For more information, or to submit a proposal (Due January 15th) please visit the Canadian Association for Health Humanities’ website.